Hecho en América – Mexican Elections Update – 23/05/2018

With the July first elections coming up, things are heating up around here. In just a few weeks, Mexicans will go to the polls to elect their president for the next six years, plus the entire Congress in both houses, six governorships and local posts in 30 of 32 states. It has been called the biggest election ever for the number of positions up for grabs, but its also one of the most contentious.

¡Made in America with international analyst Laura Carlsen!




[yendifplayer type=audio mp3=http://rompevientotv.mediafire.com/file/azckyq32h3q4qob/Hecho_en_Am%25C3%25A9rica_-_Mexican_Elections_Update_-_23_05_2018%25282%2529.mp3/file]


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