Hecho en América – Corpus Christi and the fight for immigrant rights – 29/04/2017

Corpus Christi, a city south of Texas, has been a strong contender against anti-immigrant policies and attitudes that have been intensified since Donald Trump’s arrival to the White House.

In this broadcast of Hecho en America, carried out within the framework of the Caravan against Fear, Laura Carlsen interviews Dr. Arnold González, who will tell us about the fundamental role played by organizations such as the church, schools, the Democratic Party and especially the movement of women to fight for the rights of immigrants.




[yendifplayer type=audio mp3=http://www.mediafire.com/file/e5kwfe2p14ewz89/Hecho_en_Am%C3%A9rica_-_Corpus_Christi_and_the_fight_for_immigrant_rights.mp3]


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